Drop a canoe in the water, climb aboard and drift off from the bank with a sweep of the paddle…there are few activities more satisfying.

Canoeing can be the ideal option for family fun! We offer canoes for the solo paddler, or the answer to a family or friends outing. Anglers have long chosen the canoe as the craft of choice to spend a day or weekend in the quiet waters fishing for their supper.
Representing three canoe brands, we offer several sizes and models of canoes from which to choose. Whether you are interested in solo canoeing, taking the whole family on a canoe trip, or perhaps wetting a fishing line from a canoe, we can guide you through your selection process.

One of the most active ‘Canoe’ Clubs in the southeast operates out of the West Florida area.  Paddling countless inlets, small crystal rivers and streams weekly, one can find numerous canoeing opportunities, all within a short drive.